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Fully-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

A fully-automatic system for filling hard capsules with powder, granules, tablets, or liquids.
We have a wide range availability: from high-speed units to machines for laboratory use.


1. Capsules can be filled with various dosage forms

Capsules can be filled with research or clinical samples in various dosage forms, including powders, three layer granules, oil or paste liquids, and tablets. The powder filling method can be switched between die compression and mechanical vibration.

2. Easy conversion

Both the cap disc and body disc are one-piece discs with excellent separation accuracy, which facilitates re-assembly after conversion, disassembly, and cleaning.

3. Highly accurate filling

The most suitable filling method can be selected to suit the characteristics of the powder, enabling highly accurate filling.
Our machine has better and superior filling accuracy particularly in vibrator powder filling, liquid filling and paste filling because of longer cycle time than competitor machines, even though keeping same production capacity.


Model F-Labo F-40 F-80 F-150 JCF
Maximum production capacity (capsules/hour) 2,600 40,000 80,000 150,000 40,000
Capsule sizes 00 to 5
Filling materials Powder, Granule, Liquid, Tablet Powder
Powder filling methods Die-compress, Mechanical Vibration Auger

Multi-dosage Weight Inspection Machine: MWI

By adopting the suction and transfer method, the number of interchangeable parts for each product type is minimized;
this single unit can inspect the weights of various shapes of tablets and hard or soft capsules.


  • ✓ Adapted to weigh various shapes of tablets and capsules with lengths up to 22 mm.
  • ✓ Guaranteed +/- 2 mg measuring accuracy. (+/- 2 mg for 500 mg or less; +/- 3 mg for 501 mg to 2,000 mg)
  • ✓ Offers unparalleled performance and cost-effectiveness, with high processing speed up to 100,000 pieces/hour.


Model MWI
Weighing range 20-2,000 mg
Weighing accuracy +/- 2 mg (20-500 mg 3σ)
+/- 3 mg (501-2,000 mg 3σ)
Production capacity Max. 100,000 pieces/hour
*Varies according to product size, shape and weight

Capsule Weight Inspection Machine: CWI Series


  • ✓ 100% weight inspection by high-speed and accurate processing.
  • ✓ Automatic verification of the electronic balance is available.
  • ✓ Discharge checking system for defective capsules is standard.
  • ✓ Built-in automatic zero adjustment.


Model CWI-60 CWI-125
Capsule size 00 to 5
Weighing range 15-1,000 mg
Weighing accuracy +/- 2 mg (15-500 mg 3σ)
+/- 3 mg (501-1,000 mg 3σ)
Maximum production capacity 60,000 capsules/hour 125,000 capsules/hour

Fully-automatic Capsule Sealing Machine: S-125

Seals the joint between the cap and body of hard capsules, contributing to product stability and providing tamper evidence.


  • ✓ Two-stage sealing process provides a stronger seal.
  • ✓ Positioning guide allows capsules to be sealed at a fixed position.
  • ✓ All capsules are counted and checked for quality via a contactless sensor.
  • ✓ As capsules are dried at room temperature, this allows for drying seals without reducing capsule moisture.

Advantages of Sealing Capsules

  • ✓ Prevents capsules being opened
  • ✓ Prevents liquid or powder leakage
  • ✓ Prevents odor leakage
  • ✓ Reduces oxidation
  • ✓ Aids product differentiation


Type Lobo Economy Standard
Model S-15 S-40 S-100 S-50 S-125
Maximum production capacity (capsules/hour) Gelatin 15,000
HPMC 7,000
Gelatin 40,000
HPMC 20,000
Gelatin 100,000
HPMC 50,000
Gelatin 50,000
HPMC 25,000
Gelatin 125,000
HPMC 60,000
Capsule size 000 to 5 00 to 5 000 to 5
Viscos control as Water Supply system Non Non Option
Band detecting sensor system Non Non Option

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