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Medical Devices

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In the Medical Device field, we provide a variety of technologies. In the field of Medical Device Manufacturing, we are working to expand our business to develop companies with the specific needs a Medical Device Manufacturer requires.

Business Fields

    • Grinding Machine
    • Assembling Equipment
    • Inspection Equipment

  • Spinal Needle

  • Infusion Set

  • Indwelling Needle

Needle Assembly Automated Line

    • Needle Grinder
    • Syringe Injection Molding and Molding Machine
    • Assembling Machine
    • Inspection Machine

  • AVF Needle Assembly Machinery – Arteriovenous Fistula

  • IV Needle Assembly Machinery

  • Spinal Needle Assembly Machinery

Cannula Grinder

    • Glinding Machine
    • Inspection Machine

Pre Filled Syringe Assembling Machine

    • Syringe Molding Machine
    • Convyance System
    • Inspection Machine
    • Filling Machine
    • Assembling Line
    • Packaging

Blood Tubing Line Assembly Machinery

  • Blood Tubing Line Assembly Machinery

  • Infusion Bag Assembly

  • Blood Circuit

Filters and Dialyzers

  • Dialyzer Assembly Machinery

  • Filter Assembly Machinery


    • Tube Cutting Machine
    • Parts Feeder
    • Assembling Machine
    • Inpection Packaging

Clean Room

    • Bulding/Room Construction
    • HVAC System
    • AHU
    • Cooling Towe
    • Chiller
    • HEPA/ULPA Filter and other parts

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