Plant & Energy

We have been getting ahead of the times and addressing high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental measures in the fields of energy development, plant construction. We have been doing consulting businesses in the fields of gas and petroleum refinery, engineering, factory infrastructure, and all types of maintenances. By doing so, we will make our customers’ projects successful. In recent years we have been working on prevailing renewable energy such as solar power systems.

Environmental Products

We have various equipment for CO2 reduction and Decarbonization. Chiller / Compressor / Boiler / Co-generation we can do survey and propose your Best way.

Construction Works

We carry out construction projects of all sizes, including plant construction, install new equipment and relocation.
We offer a one-stop service from ordering equipment to installation and commissioning at reasonable prices.
・Machine installation
・Air, steam and fuel piping
・Electrical connections

Pressure Vessels, Exchanger and Steel Products

We produce cost effective steel structures under Japanese standards of quality control.
Our one-stop service includes design, material purchase, fabrication, inspection and on-site delivery.
We have experience of working with major industrial plants all over the world
・Pressure vessels in accordance with the JIS standard/ASME U stamp
・Procurement of materials from Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Europe
・ISO9001 certified workshop

Manufacturing Equipment for Lithium Ion Batteries

We can provide full stream of manufacturing as well as inspection machine for manufacturing of Lithium Ion Battery.
We have supplied many famous LIB producers in Japan, China, USA, Thailand and Europe.
・HVAC/Material Mixer/Material Conveying System/Coater, Dryer/ Slitter
Packing Machine/Charging Machine

Water Treatment Systems

We supply water treatment plants for a wide range of applications:
Pure water/Purified water/Wastewater
We can provide advice on how to increase the volume of process water or change the treatment method due to changes in environmental legislation.
・RO/UF/MF membrane treatment plant
・Wastewater recycling plant

Boiler Systems

We supply medium and large boilers for industrial use and ancillary equipment such as water storage tanks and water treatment facilities.
We have a wide range of boilers, from cost effective Vietnamese and Taiwanese boilers to high efficiency Japanese boilers.
・Once-through /water tube /furnace tube/flue and smoke tube/HRSG
・Water treatment /softener/steam headers etc. manufactured in Vietnam.

VR 360°Camera Systems (NEWJI)

Online factory inspections are carried out using VR technology with a 360° camera.
This allows the customer to carry out factory visits and inspections without having to go to the site, saving money and time.
・360°Mode → see the whole factory
・Close-up Mode – see the product in mm, just like with the naked eye
・The No.1 factory inspection tool in Vietnam, Japan, China and Malaysia

Auto Cleaning Systems for Chillers (XAC)

XAC (heat eXchanger Automatic Cleaning system)
Improves the condensing efficiency of water-cooled chillers, thus saving energy and reducing environmental impact.
・Automatic 24-hour chiller cleaning system
・Energy saving and CO2 reduction: 10-20%
・Reduces annual maintenance costs
・Contributes to the SDGs with energy saving & non-chemical management

AI for industrial use

We provide solutions for AI used Abnormal Detection, Picture Recognition as well as Process Optimization.
Application Field;
1. Process Optimization in pettochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
2. Abnormal Detection and Preventive Maitenance for plant operation.
3. Picture recognition for error detection.