Industrial Machinery

We have achieved popularity in industrial machinery fields that aim for high-efficiency and labor-saving such as factory automation (FA), flexible manufacturing system and different kinds of automated assembly lines. In addition, with our plastic and rubber molding machine, metal processing equipment, other products and services, we take part of major role in the development of industry such as automotive, OA, medical and food tray related industry.

Injection Molding Machine

・FANUC standard CNC achieves superior molding repeatability
・High-rigidity and low-friction mechanism achieve precision molding
・High-precision AI protection minimizes downtime

Thermo Forming Machine

・High cycle speed (approx. 3.0 sec/shot-)
・User-friendly temperature control by quick response heater
・Rail width enlargement & sheet lifting device End products: Drink cup, Food tray, Parts tray

Extruder Machine

・From small to large sizes line-up
・Sheeting, deforming, inflation, blowing etc

Die Casting Machine

・Electric type using servo motor to save electrical cost
・Hydraulic type with strong clamping force

Press Machine

・High output, Compact, Energy efficient, Customization, Operability

Machining Center

・Achieving high productivety by high speed, high precision and high power
・Achieving high yield of workpiece by stable machining
・Easy operation of peripheral equipment by high expandability

Automated Assembly Equipment

・Various assembly equipment using robots & cameras, palletizing systems

Decorative Equipment

We provide equipments, fabrication and installation of painting / powder / fluorocarbon / coating systems.

Inspection Equipment

・Thickness meter, container inspection equipment, other kinds of measuring equipment and thermography
・Production control and traceability can be conducted for improving quality management

Other Specialized Processing Equipment

Vibration welding machines, laser processing machines, deburring machines, we provide various types of processing equipment. Other than made in Japan, we offer machines from all over the world.

AI for industrial use

We provide solutions for AI used Abnormal Detection, Picture Recognition as well as Process Optimization.
Application Field;
1. Process Optimization in pettochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
2. Abnormal Detection and Preventive Maitenance for plant operation.
3. Picture recognition for error detection.